Sparky’s has been named one of New Mexico’s great offbeat attractions

Congratulations, Sparky’s has been named one of  New Mexico’s great offbeat attractions by; America’s new travel focused rental car company. Check out the article…

Only in America could a restaurant serve  up the odd combination of burgers, BBQ and espresso and pull it off with such flawless perfection. Drop in for a meal at Sparky’s and be blown away by how beautifully a fresh ground java cuts through the barbecuedgoodness of a pulled pork sandwhich.

Besides the unlikely coupling of cuisines, you’ll also find enough kitschy decor to fill a museum. A giant Uncle Sam, a 10 foot tall A&W momma, and an army of scrap metal robots are just some of the many off-beat marvels eagerly awaiting your visit. – Sam

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