The Village of Hatch Strikes Again…determined to create adverse relationships with the businesses in Hatch NM

Hey Sparklordians, here’s a good one for you! The Village of Hatch has decided that we have to start paying rent because some of our customers are using the parking lot in front of the Municipal Building. We own two large lots that are designated for parking. We let anyone park in our lots and furthermore have no control over who uses their lot. It seems the plan is to begin giving tickets to the people who park in their lot without doing business with the village, maybe even tow their vehicle! We are not sure why they are doing this or who is behind it (we have been investigating and have an idea, we’ll keep you posted). The Village of Hatch seems determined to create adverse relationships with the businesses that are not only creating revenue for the village, but also drawing people from surrounding areas in to enjoy our cool town. Stay tuned….